Individual Clients

Publishing consulting


Paul EdenfieldThe Keyhole, fantasy novel, currently being revised
Meghan G., ghostwritten nonfiction book proposal, currently being shopped
Samuel GompersTales of a Global Era, [self-published, 2013]
Robin GregoryThe Improbable Wonders of Mooji Littleman [Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, 2015]
Daniel L.
, ghostwritten memoir [2015]
Pam SiegelFix Your Self Forever, pop-psychology book proposal, currently being shopped

Editorial development, fiction

imagesAlicia BensonVera Knight [unpublished] and The First Vampire [Virtual Tales, 2008]
JulieAnn Carter-WinwoodTalk Dirty to Me [Binary Press, 2013]
Brian CooneySo You Think You Can Make It in Manhattan [unpublished]
Denise GabermanSummer People [in progress]
Racquel HallGolden Hearts [unpublished]
Josh Honn, “The Girl with the Alphabet on Her Back” [unpublished]
David Katzman, A Greater Monster [BedHead Books, 2011] darkborn
Mariam Kobras
The Distant Shore [Buddhapuss Ink, 2012]
Jewel Nunez, FML: Funny Mommy Lessons [unpublished]
Jason RiceSpectators [play]
Alison SinclairDarkborn [Roc, 2010]
Lorrie Sprecher, Pissing in a River [The Feminist Press, 2014]
Stephen TomicLooking for Zooey [unpublished] 
Juha VuorinenThe Hangover Diaries [Doppo, 2017]

Editorial development, nonfiction

daphneDaphne BellThe Pain Didn’t Kill Me: My Story from the Heart [Lumen-us Publications, 2010]
Jane BernardAm I Really Hungry?: 6th Sense Diet and Intuitive Eating [CreateSpace, 2011]
Gabriel Bernstein, Add More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness [Harmony Books, 2011], business plan
Stalney BurnsDeadly Intent: Crime and Punishment Photographs [PowerHouse Press, 2008]
Stan Chambers, KTLA’s News at Ten [Behler Publications, 2008]
fatigueLinda Hawes CleverThe Fatigue Prescription: Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health, and Life [Viva Editions, 2010]
Kirk DentonChina: A Traveler’s Literary Companion [Whereabouts Press, 2008]
Echoing Green Work on Purpose career workshop handbook
Amy FusselmanSavage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die [Houghton Mifflin, 2015]
Yo-Sep KoSamsung Savior: How the Prodigal Son Turned the Electronic Industry’s Biggest Joke into Its Biggest Success [Dasan Books, 2011] outrage
Robert Kravitz
Blue Ribbon Story: An Entrepreneur’s Success in Education [CreateSpace, 2012]
Nate Levine, Getting in Tune: A Memoir [self-published, 2015]
Tom McGuirePoison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings Are Hazardous to Your Health [Dental Wellness Institute, 2008]
Brian MullaneyBefore and After: How an Unlikely Do-Gooder Changed a Million Lives, Including His Own [BenBella, forthcoming 2017]
Anne Firth MurrayFrom Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice [Common Courage Press, 2008]
New York City Department of Health & Mental
 Hygiene, “Health Department Survey Results: Methods, Problems, and Solutions” PeacerunnerFrontCoverMay27
Penn Rhodeen
Peacerunner: How an Ex-Congressman Helped End Centuries of War in Ireland [BenBella, 2016]
Nan Richardson
Tribal Alphabet [Umbrage Editions, 2008]
Edward ScheinHelping: How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help [Berrett-Koehler Publications, 2011]
Joel Harvey SchreckA Patient’s Guide to Chinese Medicine: Dr. Shen’s Handbook of Herbs and Acupuncture [Bay Tree Publishing, 2008]
Zora von BurdenWomen of the Underground: Music [Manic D Press, 2010]
Josh WilkerCardboard Gods: An American Tale [Algonquin Books, 2011]
Complete project list available upon request.