Each manuscript is unique, with different needs and requirements. I have worked on more than 300 books over the course of my career, and I have extensive experience with all types of editorial development, from assessment to proofreading. I can also help navigate the vast landscape of self-publishing options, and craft a custom post-publication plan for once your book is complete.

Below is some additional information about the services I offer (click to expand):

Manuscript assessment
An assessment is conducted on a completed manuscript draft to determine its flaws and weaknesses. These can include inconsistencies in character development, plot holes, tense and temporal shifts, improperly named headings, trouble with pacing, and other places where improvements will strengthen the manuscript. After an assessment you’ll receive a detailed editorial letter explaining what elements of your manuscript need work and how to accomplish the improvements.


Developmental editing
A developmental edit makes the changes detailed in the manuscript assessment—things like rearranging the narrative to fix the plot, elaborating on characters where they lack detail, fixing the dialogue to make the voices consistent, etc. After an assessment you’ll receive your manuscript thoroughly edited in MS Word’s Track Changes, with extensive comments in the margins to indicate the places where further creative work on your part is needed.


Line editing
A line edit is less extensive than a developmental one; this is for manuscripts that are nearly final but just require a top-level polish: culling extraneous language, sharpening the focus, fixing inconsistent dialogue, etc. After a line edit you’ll receive your manuscript edited in MS Word’s Track Changes.


A copyedit is the final tidying step before a manuscript is laid out for publication. It is less extensive than a line edit, focusing on grammatical errors, typos, heading and chapter titling, consistency in references, etc. After a copyedit you’ll receive your manuscript copyedited in MS Word’s Track Changes as well as a style sheet detailing the grammar and usage rules followed.


Once a manuscript has been laid out for publication, a proofread is required to catch any errors that may have been introduced in the layout conversion, and to make a final check of design elements, including chapter and section titles, running headers and footers, graphics, page numbers, etc. After a proofread you will receive your printed layouts edited with a red pencil.


Self-publishing consulting
There are a lot of self-publishing options these days, with wildly varying fees associated and many different moving parts to keep track of. I can help you determine which publisher is right for you based on time and cost, as well as managing the many small details that will have to fall into place to guarantee that your book looks the way you want it to once it’s finished.


Post-publication consulting
Once your book is published—joining the millions of others in the marketplace—how do you cut through the noise to get it in front of your readers’ eyes? I can help you plan your book launch, craft your marketing strategy, and work to reach the audience your book is meant for.


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