“Oriana is one of the fastest, smartest editors I’ve ever worked with. She has that invaluable ability that you want in any editor—to see, immediately, what’s wrong or missing from your piece, and know exactly how you can fix it. I trust her with everything from fiction, to serious reporting, to corporate marketing copy, and would highly encourage anyone else to do the same.” — Erica Sackin, Senior Communications Director, Mozilla

“Oriana is a thorough, insightful, dependable editor. I have worked with her on numerous books in different genres, and she always does top-notch work. I would recommend her without reservation.” — Margot Atwell, former publisher at Beaufort Books, author of The Insider’s Guide to Book Publishing Success

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did on my novel. I really appreciate your detailed commentary. You are so specific and go into such depth, and I find your critique extremely helpful. I am grateful for all the hard work you put into it.” — Lorrie Sprecher, author of Pissing in a River

“Oriana was magnificent. She was thoughtful, thorough, patient and skillfully impeccable with her edits. Thanks to her wonderful work, my manuscript became a NOVEL!” — John Vocale, author of A Tale of Two Times

“Sincere thanks for all your stellar help — absolutely loved your edits. I felt smarter just reading them! I LOVE getting great editors like you. It makes me sharper [we hope!] the next time around.” — Catherine Kustanczy, journalist, Hyperallergic

“As a copyeditor, Oriana has tackled manuscripts of every shape and size for us, with exceptional speed and thoroughness—it’s a great relief, whenever we’re able to nab her for a project. I’m looking forward to working with her for a long time to come.” — Jordan Bass, Executive Editor, McSweeney’s

“I thank you a thousand times over for the excellent work you did on my manuscript. You had what it took to break down the weaknesses. I’m very grateful to you and will certainly recommend you to my colleagues.” — Robin Gregory, author of The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman

“I think what you did with the story is f***ing incredible and way beyond what I had expected. In a word, I love your work. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with you and how great this is making me feel about my writing.” — Josh Honn, author, A Slow Archive

“Oriana is one of the best copyeditors I’ve ever worked with. She works quickly, smartly, and with an enthusiasm for literature that makes the copyediting process—in all its tedium and hair-splitting—a real joy.”
—Adam Krefman, publisher, Lucky Peach

“Oriana is a great editor who was professional and informative from beginning to end. She was super supportive and helpful with giving a breadth and depth understanding of the editing process, and her edits were great and thorough.” — Toni Bakal, Radio Host, KCOD

“Oriana’s help proved decisive toward meeting my business goals and creating a long-term strategy for success. I am deeply grateful for her insights and believe that her knowledge will make the difference in driving a successful outcome for my brand, book, and goals as a writer.” — Samuel Gompers, executive producer and author, Tales of a Global Era Productions